The KRC subscribes to several e-resources (journals, databases, books… etc.) for its users from different publishers or aggregators to support teaching, learning, research, and other academic activities at the institute.

The terms and conditions for using these resources are mentioned in every license agreement signed between the Publishers and the University.

Electronic resources licensed by the University Library are exclusively for the use of the valid and eligible users of the GITAM (Deemed to be University) community for research and academic purposes only.

While accessing these resources, users should adhere to the following policies and guidelines:

What is permissible ?
  • Browsing the website, downloading the articles, printing and saving it on external devices or through any electronic gadgets.
  • Use of e-resources for scholarly purposes as per the author and Publisher's Copyright and Intellectual Property rights.
  • Sending a copy of an article to another authorized user (Faculty, student, or staff of the University) for research and academic purposes.
  • Broadcasting or posting the URL of the Publisher’s website for wider use of its resources, e.g., generating a QR code of the Publisher's URL.
What is not permissible ?
  • Using AI tools/robot/spider/intelligent agents to systematically, bulk, or automatically download documents.
  • Systematic downloading or printing of entire journal issues or volumes or e-Books (Subscription).
  • Use of e-resources for commercial purposes.
  • Providing subscribed content to unauthorized users.
  • Publishing the subscribed content on an open-class website.
  • Copying, manipulating, re-publishing, disseminating, and displaying the content without obtaining prior permission from the copyright holder through fair use or licensed agreement.
On-campus and off-campus access

Users can access all the e-resources, within the campus by using the IPs of GITAM (Deemed to be University).

Most e-resources can also be accessed remotely through the remote access platform.

Please contact the KRC office or Digital Library for a remote access account. All users are to take these guidelines seriously, and any violations will be reported to the relevant School authorities for appropriate action.

Note :

The above rules are intended to regulate the best use of KRC and will be reviewed periodically to meet the changing needs. The Library authorities have the exclusive right to amend or restrict or suspend rules without prior notice.

Any changes in the Library rules, instructions, or information to members will be communicated through email and notified on the University Library webpage and the library notice board as and when required.


Interlibrary loan (ILL) occurs when a qualifying library borrows from another qualifying library on behalf of a patron. If a library receives a request from anyone other than a qualifying library, then that request is considered a document delivery, or an ILL. It is intended to broaden access to materials for GITAM students, faculties, and researchers.

Eligibility or who can use this facility ?
  • Teaching and Non-Teaching staff who are working under GITAM University.
  • A currently enrolled student.
  • Currently enrolled research scholars.
  • Any other person approved by the librarian.
Materials to be borrowed
  • Text books
  • Reference Books whose copies number more than two.
  • Back issues of Periodicals
Materials not to be borrowed
  • A single-copy book
  • A rare book
  • Damaged or weeded out books
  • e-books or e-resources
  • Encyclopaedia, Handbook, and Dictionary.
  • Current periodicals
  • Books heaving more use or more demand ( with proper proof )
How to make request for a material

A user can request an ILL material through email to the respective library with accurate bibliographic details of books, available library details and patron details. A patron can request only one book for limited period.

Terms and Conditions
  • Confirm and ascertain whether the contents are accessible before filing a request.
  • If it is available, ask about usage and demand for the aforementioned book. In response, a department library or off-campus library head sent a request through the appropriate channels for approval.
  • An ILL book can be borrowed by a patron for 15 days only and this book cannot be renewed further.
  • A specific journal article may be requested, but it must adhere to the library’s fair use policies.
  • A second request for the same item from the same library in a month will not be taken into consideration.
  • Each library may submit up to five requests for title loans each month.
  • The requested library will be responsible for covering any ILL-related costs.
  • If a patron ignores three requests to pick up the requested book(s), their ability to borrow it from the library will be suspended for three months.
  • The patron or library is responsible for returning the books in acceptable condition; failure to do so will result in a fine as per KRC regulations.
  • The receiving library authority is fully responsible for any loss or damage to the book, and the university authority may pursue legal action after due consultation.
  • The requesting library will borne the cost of transport, packing and forwarding, if any.
  • The library authority will take appropriate measures if a patron damage or lost a book in accordance with the Library’s policies.
  • A user will write a letter or send an email to the school library to seek interlibrary loan.
  • No renewal option for any books borrowed through ILL.
  • A library authority must draw attention to or raise awareness of these services among its patrons.
  • User must adhere to copyright and other laws come under ILL.
Contact Details

For ILL assistance, please contact with the KRC/library staff of respective campus or the school library staff.