Library rules

  1. Students are required to scan their ID card while entering the library. All the books issued by the lending section are checked at the security desk to avoid pilferage.
  2. The textbooks can be renewed once only for two weeks, i.e., a student can keep the textbook for a maximum period of four weeks and after that it cannot be renewed further. However it can be renewed, if there is no demand as on date.
  3. The users are advised not to carry bags, jerkins and raincoats etc, into the centre.
  4. In case a book is lost, the borrower should pay double the cost of the book if it is an Indian publication and four times the cost of the book, if it is a foreign publication and is liable for fine also.
  5. Before borrowing and accepting the books, the borrower has to make sure that the books are in sound condition.
  6. Absence and illness are not acceptable excuses for exemption from paying overdue charges.
  7. Users are required to submit their identity card while entering the various sections of the centre.
  8. Before entering the centre, users should deposit their own textbooks, books borrowed from the library and any other printed material in the property counter and obtain a token from the security guard. They will be permitted to carry into the centre notebooks, white papers and valuable belongings only.
  9. Strict silence is enjoined inside the centre, as it is necessary for quiet study.
  10. Smoking/ sleeping/ using cell phones/ indulging in discussions/ any other activity detrimental to academics is strictly prohibited.
  11. Pursuits is strictly prohibited and those involved in such activities will be asked to vacate the centre immediately by the centre personnel.
  12. The centre staff are also available to extend necessary help if needed.
  13. Photo identity card is not transferable.
  14. Books and journals are to be borrowed in person.
  15. Users are cautioned not to throw any litter in the centre.
  16. Users are advised not to misplace books on the racks from their original position.
  17. Production of ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the centre is essential for obtaining hall ticket to appear for year/ semester end examinations.
  18. Loss of identity cards should be reported immediately to the librarian and duplicate card will be issued on payment.
  19. Fine will be levied for late submission of books as per the decision of the management.
  20. Web OPAC is also provided. The users can browse the database from anywhere in the campus.